First sign-in

You will recieve an invite via email, when you are invited to APEX. This invite contains a link to follow for your first sign-in.

If you are a client, and want to sign in to MySite to manage your requests, click here.

If you have not recieved an email with that first link, then you should dubble check with your developer/contractor that you're added with the correct email-address.

  • Start with setting your password in the first sign-in. You can sign-in as normal after that. Click here for a guide on setting a password.
  • Your username to sign in on APEX, is the same as your registered email-address. To sign-inn, use your username (email-address) and the password you set.
NOTICE: Upper- and lower-case letters DOES matter. You will have to sign-in with your registered email, just as it was registered. It is usually recommended to be added with only lower-case letters, therefor sign in with only lower-case letters in the email.
Your password is required to have 8 total characters, with 1 lower-case, 1 upper-case, 1 number and 1 special character.
  • If you by a point in time would like to change your password, or have forgotten it - Then look at this guide for forgotten password.

The first thing you will see after signing-in, is your personal case list. The cases you have been assigned will show up here. A guide for case processing can be found here.