First sign-in to MySite

You will get access to MySite when you buy a house as a client. Here you will have a full overview of the details of your house.

This is a guide for clients that uses APEX.

It is your property developer/entrepreneur that controls when you get access to MySite. This is through invitation by e-mail, and will be sent from the APEX system with a link to complete and accept your profile and information. The e-mail will have the company name and the one responsible for inviting you into APEX.

If you have been asked to sign into APEX, but not yet recieved this invitation-mail, then you should contact your developer and inform them about this. 

  • If you do not recieve the invitation, and it seems like you should have been given access - Then it might be that the property developer/entrepreneur have not sent the invitation yet, or that they have registered you with a faulty e-mailadress. Contact them in that case to correct the registered e-mailadress.
  • Your e-mail is what you can use as your username when you sign in to APEX.

When you recieve the invitation e-mail to MySite

  • The e-mail you recieve will have a link that takes you to the finalization form for your profile. Just press "Finalize profile" to get to the form.
    • There will also be a link under the button that you can press, or copy, to get to the same form.
  • All fields marked with a star, "*", must be filled out in order for you to accept you profile.
    • You are also required to fill out the section "Gender".
    • If you notice that your e-mailadress is not correct, then you must contact your property developer in order for it to be corrected.
  • Choose a password for your profile, and follow the rules we have set for "an accepted" password.
    • Minimum 8 characters long, minimum 1 big letter, minimum 1 small letter, and minimum 1 number. We also suggest a special character (!/:;*^`), but this is not a requirement.
  • The button "Accept" will be possible to click when all fields in the form are filled out. This will finalize your account with the information from the form.
    • It could take a couple seconds while your profile is being created. Just wait until the website has updated and sent you to the sign-in window.
    • You will get an error-message down in the right corner if something is wrong with the registered form or your information.

NOTICE! You can only use the button/link through the invitation e-mail for registering and accepting your profile. After the profile is accepted and you have a working account, you have to refer to the website you are sent after finalizing. This will be the website that your property developer is assigned, and where you sign in.

We suggest saving the website you sign in on as a bookmark or favorite, in order for you to find your way back. Alternatively save the website as a app-shortcut through your internet browser.

If you by any chance would lose or forget what website this is, then just contact your property developer or us, and we can further help you from there.

Signing in

  • You will be sent to the website assigned to your property developer, where you wil find sign-in fields.
  • Fill in your e-mailadress and the password you created in the form.
  • Then press "Sign in".

You will now have signed in to MySite, and can read further about using Mysite here.

If you by some reason can not sign in, get error messages that you can't solve, and so on, then feel free to contact us at APEX support. You can do this by pressing the Chat button to the right on this page, or you can send us an e-mail on We will help you as soon as we are able.

You can also use the "forgot passord?" button that you find on the sign in site. By using this you will set a new passord for your profile, and can therafter sign in. Read more about forgotten passord, and resetting it here.