Me and my unit

This will be the landing page for the client, after they sign in to MySite in APEX.

This is a guide for clients that uses APEX. If you have not recieved the e-mail with invitation to sign into APEX, then please contact your builder or contractor.

You will see "Me and my unit" when you sign in to MySite in APEX.

  • The top-left box contains the information about your profile. Press the cogwheel with "Edit profile", in the top-right of this box to edit the information.
    To read more about editing, go to this site.
  • The top-right box contains the last message or announcement from your builder/contractor.
  • You find the form for sending requests in the lower-left box. Here you can fill out and register a new request regarding an issue with your unit.
  • In the lower right box, you can find information about the unit you have bought and own. This is also where you find the link to get to your MOM documents ( documents for Management, Operation and Maintenance. Also called O&M documents, Operation and Maintenance manuals).