Translations in APEX

APEX support for changing and translating your preferred language of the overall system, so that you can navigate freely.

If the options for languages in APEX does not cover the language that you, or someone in your company speaks, then feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to expand on the available languages that APEX could be translated to, should the need be there.

You can view and change the language of APEX in your profile:

  • Press the menu button menu_button_APEX on the top left.
  • Your profile is the very first option in the menu, press it to go to your profile.
  • When in your profile, you will se a few sections that hold your information.
  • There will be a section with "Language", If you press the arrow in the field, you will get a list of available languages to choose that APEX can be translated to.

Languages that APEX supports now are:
Język polski

Again; please let us know if you want/need another language added to the system, and we will see what we can do.

  • After you have chosen your preferred language, the page will refresh itself and you will be shown APEX in the language you chose.
  • The menu and most of the fields that are part of the system, will be translated. But there are also options for translating sent messages and mails that come through the cases. This example is translated to norwegian.

Turn off translation in your browser

Because we have built in a system for translation into APEX, you don't need to let your web browser translate the page. In fact, doing so will mess with the translations that APEX itself use. That is why we ask you to either turn off translations in your browser, or at least dont add APEX to the list of pages you want translated. You can read more about this in the pages here:

Links are comming.