Add a floorplan to a unit

The floorplan added to a unit will be the floorplan you are shown when later creating a case to the same unit.

This is a guide for developers and entrepreneurs that manages units in a project.

The floorplan added to a unit is also the foundation for when you mark a case-location on a floorplan/drawing. Floorplans are also added to the customer part of APEX, under "My documents".

Follow these steps to add floorplans to units

  • Sign into APEX, and press the menu up to the left.
  • Choose "Projects" from the menu options.
  • Choose the project you are administering, either from the list or by search.
  • Go to the "Units" section in your project, and out to the far right press the three dots on the same line as your unit you want to upload a floorplan to.
  • From the menu, press "View files".
  • Locate the "Floorplans" file-section, and upload you file by either:
    • "Drag-and-drop" your file from your file archive on your computer, and directly to the "Floorplans" file-section.
    • Press the upload icon (the cloud) up to the right in the "Floorplans" section.
    • If there are no files uploaded yet, you can also press the "Floorplans" file-section directly to open your file-archive and choose your image file.
  • The file will be saved when it is uploaded.


NOTE! If your floorplan-file is a PDF, you have to press "Yes" in the dialogue box that pops up. This will let APEX convert your file to a file format suitable for markings and floorplans (image like PNG, JPG...are suitable for upload).

This is usually important for later functionality, and you can read more about marking on floorplans here.

  • To see/edit the floorplan image, or other images in similar file-sections:
    • Press the Skjermbilde 2022-05-10 kl- 12-39-38-png to see the image.
    • Press the Skjermbilde 2022-05-10 kl- 12-40-05-png to upload images and files.
    • Press the Skjermbilde 2022-05-10 kl- 12-39-10-png to use a file already added to APEX, in your file system.
      Read more about the APEX file system here.
    • Press the Skjermbilde 2022-05-10 kl- 12-41-08-png to get more options about your files. By marking a file first, this is also where you find the option to delete said file.