Change case manager on a case

The case manager is the person responsible for follow-up in the cases. Here you can read a bit about how to change case managers on cases.

This is a guide for real estate developers, builders and entrepreneurs that use APEX.

In APEX, you can edit case(s) in 2 ways:

Follow these steps to edit case managers individually:

  • Click the case you want to edit
  • Click "Edit", at the top left.
  • Scroll down until you find the "Case manager" tab. Change the case manager to the desired name.
  • Click on the bottom right.

To edit the case manager on several cases at the same time (mass editing):

  • Use the case filter to filter the cases you want to edit.
  • Mark which cases you want to edit, by ticking the cases,
    or mark all by pressing "select all" in the top:
  • When you have marked the desired number of cases, click the pencil to the right and click Edit.

  • Change the case manager to the desired person.
  • Remember to press

NB! If there are many cases selected, wait until the operation is finished before proceeding.