Deactivate user in your company

The administrators of a company with an active subscription to APEX can edit all users in the same company.

This is a guide for administrators and in a company.

If you have former employees and contractors that have resigned or they otherwise don't need access to APEX anymore, then deactivating their APEX-user is a very good option. This is how:

Follow these steps to deactivate an APEX-user:

  1. Sign into APEX and press the menu button to the top left.
  2. Press the "Company and persons" option.
  3. Then you can search for your company, and press the "open" button.
  4. From the available APEX-users in your company, choose the one you want to remove/deactivate, and press the "open" button on their card.
  5. To the top right, to the left of the pencil, you will have the "disable user"-button.

deactivate user

What this does is disabling, or deactivating, their user information, and removing them from the company. By doing this, the registered email will also be erased, and can be used to register a new APEX-user anew, or in an other company.

Deactivating an APEX-user will not remove them from the cases they might be assigned, and can be manually removed if needed. The deactivated APEX-user will also not be able to be assigned to new cases.