Upload files to file sections

This guide will show how to upload files to file sections, and how to administer them afterwards.

This is a guide for developers, entrepreneurs and contractors who use APEX.

Multiple places in APEX gives you the option to upload files. Examples of this are in a case, on a project or on a unit. You have a couple choices on how to upload or add files to these sections, but here is how to upload a new file:

Follow these steps to upload a file:

This requires that you have navigated to, or encountered a section for uploading files. These sections usually look like this:


Upload by file explorer:

Option available for all devices.

  • Press the icon of a cloud with the arrow on it to open your device's file explorer. 
    • If the section does not have a file yet, you can press the empty field to start the same process.
  • Navigate to the file you want to upload, and duble press, or press once and press the "Choose" option.
  • You should now be able to find your file in the section you wanted it uploaded.


Upload by drag-and-drop:

This option is only available for computer devices (PC, Windows, Mac)

  • This utilizes the file explorer on your device, but requires you to manually navigate to your desired file first.
  • Then put your mouse cursor over the desired file and press to hold the file.
  • While holding, drag the file over to the file section, and release the hold.
  • This will make a copy of your file, and upload it to APEX. 

Upload by files in APEX:

If you have already uploaded files into APEX before, or specifically used the file system in APEX, then you can add that file to file sections on demand.

  • Press the folder icon with an arrow on it.
  • You will then be shown the file system in APEX, and you can navigate to where you have uploaded your file.
  • Press the desired file once to mark it, and then press "Confirm" down to the right.
  • Your file should then be added to the file section for further use.



Files you upload should not be over 4 GB (4000 MB) large, and will be denied by the system in the form of a error message.


You have the option to directly edit images that are uploaded to file sections. In the editor you can draw arrows, write text or circle out the parts that needs attention.

Read more about the image editor here.