Add unwanted incident managers

The sent and received unwanted incident reports must be processed in order to get a status and fix to the problem.

This is a guide for developers, entrepreneurs and assigned unwanted incident managers.

After reports for unwanted incidents have been activated in your project, all that is needed is to add a manager to process the reports.

Read more about activating unwanted incidents in your project here.

Add unwanted incident managers

  1. Sign in to APEX and press the main menu button to the top left.
  2. Then press the "Projects" option, and then the project you want to add a manager for.
  3. In the project view, press the sircle-button down to the right, and press the "Adminster unwanted incident managers" option.
    1. Note that adding an incident manager is done per each individual project, and is why you navigate to a project to do so.
  4. You will see the "Unwanted incident managers" section, with a white plus-sign to the right. Press the plus sign to be given the option to search for a user in APEX.
    1. An unwanted incident manager must have a user profile and be registered in APEX.
      Read more about adding a user to APEX here.
    2. If you want to manage unwanted incidents yourself, make sure to also search for yourself and add your own user profile to this list.
  5. You can add a time period in "Period", if you want them to have access to this only for a specified time limit. When the period ends, the user will automatically be removed rom this list.
    1. If no time period is required, leave this as it is. It will take the current date as the "start point", and have access until they are manually removed.
  6. Lastly press "Save" to add the APEX user to the list of unwanted incident managers on this project.

You should now see the user added to the list of managers, with the date from when they got access, and also if there were set a period for when that access will expire.

To manually remove an unwanted incident manager, press the red trashcan icon over to the right of their name.