Adding users in APEX

Users with a paid subscription have access to add contractors/users to non-paying companies in APEX.

This is a guide for case managers and administrators in APEX.

Note that the contractors company needs to exist in APEX before you can go ahead and add users. Read more about adding a new company here.

Follow these steps to add a user in APEX:

  • Click the meny at the top left.
  • Click "Company & Persons"
  • Search for the correct company and click "Open"

open company

  • Click the plus-button at the bottom right.
  • Fill inn the correct information. Note that name and email are required. The email is the username, so make sure it is correct.
  • Choose from the different languages in the drop-down menu if you would like to preset APEX for the new user.
  • Hit "Save".

Note that the email address needs to be unique for each user!