Create construction site

Construction site is a function in APEX that allows users in APEX to check in on a construction site and log activity in the work area.

This is a page for administrators, developers and case managers in APEX.

Here you will be able to get an overview of who has checked in when they are at the construction site. All users in APEX can use this function.


Find Construction site in APEX

Create an active construction site

Draw the construction site onto the map

Find Construction site in APEX:

  • Log in to APEX and press the menu at the top left.
  • Press "Construction sites" in the menu.
  • If you already have a registered construction site, it will appear in the list.
    Continue reading to see how to create a new construction site.

Create an active construction site

  • Tap the plus icon plusikon_Skjermbilde.png in the bottom right corner.
  • In the form that appears, you can fill in information about your construction site:
    • Name (which is mandatory and must be filled in to create the construction site).
    • Project (which is also mandatory).
    • Address (which is also mandatory).
    • Customer.
    • Builder representative.
    • Construction site manager.
    • Safety representative.
    • HSE coordinator.

Draw the construction site onto the map

In the middle of the map you have two gray icons:
The hand allows you to move on the map.
The polygon allows you to draw a shape.

  • Press the polygon icon and place the first point on the map.
    • This allows you to mark several points one after the other to create an area.
  • Create the outline around the space you want your building site to apply to.
    • The last mark you make must be at the first point you made, to "close" the shape.
    • After you have created the points, you can also move them around, if you are not happy with the location.

You have now filled in the minimum requirements to create a construction site and can press Save. You can add or change information about your construction site at any time later. You can read more about that here.