Edit a unit

Editing a unit will let you change or remove already added information, and add more if needed.

This is a guide for builders and real estate developers that use APEX.


Only the assigned case managers in a project, and administrators in the firm are able to edit units.

This requires you to both have created a project and created a unit assigned to that project.

Follow these steps to edit a unit:

  • Press the menu-button to the top-left of the page.
  •  In the menu list, click or press "Projects".
  • Then choose the project that has the unit you ned to edit.
  • Scroll to the section called "Units", and click the three dots to the far right on the row of the chosen unit.
    • You can also click the name of the unit to get to the unit itself, and from there click the pen-icon to the top-right, that is the edit-button.


  • Now you will see all the sections and information about the unit.
  • Click on a section to expand it, then fill out/edit the needed fields.
  • Remember to press "Save" when you are done, to save your changes to the unit.