Export of case list

In APEX, it is possible to export the list of cases you are associated with.

This is a guide for developers, contractors or suppliers who want to export the subject list in APEX. You must be a paying customer to be able to export.

The list can be for all cases, or you can export a list based on the filters you want.
You can export to PDF, CSV or EXCEL format.

Follow these steps to export the case list:

  • Log in to APEX. The case list is the first thing you come to when you log in. 
  • Click the button for more filters flere_filter-1
    • Set the filters you want to bring up the cases that are relevant for the export. See how to filter the case list here.
    • Last tab; "Export", choose the desired format for the export.
      • The PDF will be generated and sent to your email after a few minutes.
      • CSV and Excel are downloaded as a file directly from your browser.

NB! If you choose PDF, you can export a maximum of 150 cases.
Other exports will include all (the first 1250) cases related to the filters you have set - not just the ones you see on the first page.