Archive case

You can archive a case to fully complete a case.

This is an article for case managers and administrators in APEX.

How to archive a case

A case needs to have status as "Done" to be archived. You need to have a role as administrator or case manager to archive a case.

  • Click "Cases" in the menu, or the case icon in the top center.
  • Click on the case you would like to archive.
  • Click on the meny for the case in the top right of the case case menu
  • Click "Archive".

Your case is now archived, and can only be reached my using the case filter.

Note that to be able to archive the case, it needs to be set as "Done" by a case manager, or "Finalized" by a contractor.

How to search for an archived case

  • Click "Cases" in the menu, or the case icon in the top center.
  • Click the filter icon in your top right blobid0-Feb-18-2022-11-44-32-37-AM-2. A box with the filter setting will now show.
  • Tic the box "Show archived"in the bottom right.
  • Click "Ok"
  • The case list will now show cases based on your filter and will also showed archived cases within this filter. 
  • If you would like te reopen an archived case - click "Unarchive"
    • Note that a notification will be sent to involved persons once you reopen a case. The customer notification depends on the case category.