Follow-up MOM

These are functions that allow you to follow up the work that contractors have done via the MOM builder in APEX.

This is a guide for developers, case managers and administrators in APEX who will work with files and MOM reports.

Follow-up via case

When you add contractors via the MOM builder, a message will be sent to the collaborator that they have been added, and have access to upload MOM to their folder and discipline.

Contractors can find this by clicking on the link in the notification they receive, or they can also log in to APEX, press the menu at the top left and click "MOM builder".
Read more about MOM builder for contractors here.

In addition to this notification to be added, a case will also automatically be created in the system, which will then add the supplier to the MOM folder, as a contractor on the case. This creates the opportunity to follow up the work being done with MOM via the same case.


As a contractor, you can mark the case as "Done" when you have finished entering the MOM for your area of expertise on the units.

Report on MOM

After the contractor has marked this matter as finished, or marked the folder as "Completed" inside the MOM builder, a report will be compiled that lists which disciplines have been completed so far, and an overview of which pictures that discipline has uploaded to which units.

This report is sent to/can be found by case managers in the project.

The case manager will then see which partners have reported that they have completed which discipline/MOM folders.

In addition, each unit in the project will also be listed, and what kind of file/image has been uploaded to the units MOM folders.
Then you can easily take this as a starting point for review, and get an overview.