Release unit for takeover

If you have concluded a takeover on a unit in APEX, the unit will be marked as handed over.

This is a guide for developers and entrepreneurs who use APEX.

To open up a unit for a new takeover, you have to "delete" the old one, and free the unit up for a new takeover.

This is how you find this option:

  1. Sign into APEX, and press the menu button to the top left.
  2. Press the "Projects" option.
  3. From the list of your projects, find your desired project.
  4. When in the project view, scroll down to the "Units" section, and press on the name of the unit you wish to free up.
  5. When in the unit view, you have a round button down to the right, press this to get the unit menu.
  6. From this menu, press the "Release unit for takeover" optionrelease_unit_takeover
    1. You will now get a prompt, asking if you really want to continue. Press yes if this is intentional.
  7. You will be given a status message down to the right, confirming that the unit now is released and available for a new takover.