The project menu

The project menu is a collection of functions and options for your project.

This is a guide for developers and entrepreneurs that use APEX for project administering.

The project menu is located in each individual project, and it lists all functions options available for a project. To find the project menu, you have to navigate to a project:

Navigate to a project:

  • Sign in to APEX, and press the menu button in the top left corner.
  • Then press the "Projects" option.
  • You will be shown a list of projects available to you, press on your desired project to see its information.
    • If you have noe project here, then you must either create a new project, or get added as a case a manager to a project.
      • Read more about creating a project here.
      • Read more about adding a case manager here.
  • In the overview of your project, you have a button down to the right.

Project menu

The project menu is the round button with three dots down to the right. If you press this button, you will be shown a list of options and functions you can use for your project.

  • Edit project: This is one of the places where you find the option to edit the project.
  • View files: Here you can upload, view and administer files that has specific purposes in the project.
  • Publish in project: Here you can publish messages and updates in the project. These are put on the clients' home page when they sign in to APEX.
  • Administer fields: Here you can create and administer all the fields needed in your project, and assign contractors to them for easy assigning to cases.
  • Administer MOM: Here you set up the folders to use, based on the fields in the project. Here you also assign a cooperator to upload MOM files for their feild.
  • Administer addons: Here you can administer the addons that the clients will be able to order for their new unit. (If this is a service you are offering).
  • Administer addon managers: Here you assign an addon manager for the project. The addon manager is the one who set up the addon store the clients order from, and the one to review the orders placed by the clients.
  • Administer unwanted incident managers: Here you assign a manager for unwanted incidents.
  • Administer simultaneous signers: Here you set up other involved personell, who needs to sign on the takeover protocol.
  • Involved users: Here you can assign other involved users who have a role in the project. These will be added to signing in takeovers related to the project.
  • Import units: This will take you to the import tool for units in APEX. By using a spreadsheet like CSV or Excel, you can import and create multiple units in one go!
  • Import users: This will take you to the import tool for clients in APEX. By using a spreadsheet like CSV or Excel, you can import and add multiple client profiles in one go!
  • View cases: This option takes you to the cases list, already filtered to show cases related to the project.

All of these options also have their own guide for further information and guidance for use. We have linked to them in each bullet point.