Archive construction site

If you have created a construction site, you may also need to delete it. Here we look at how.

This is a help page for developers and entrepreneurs who use construction sites.

You can find construction sites in APEX here:

  • Press the menu on the top left corner in APEX.
  • Then select "Construction sites".
  • In the list, select your construction site.

After you have created a construction site, you have the opportunity to open and view it, as well as edit it as needed.

You can read about creating a construction site here.

You can read about editing the construction site here.

Arkiver byggeplass

After a construction site is created, there may also be a need to closing the construction site, which you do by archiving the construction site. Closing the construction site will keep it open, but not allow anyone to register their stay on the site.

  • Navigate to the construction site you want to archive.
  • Scroll down the page until you find two buttons with "Close" and "Archive".
  • Press "Archive".

This will cause your construction site to be archived, and cannot be actively checked into. You can always go back and unarchive your construction site,should you need it to become active again.

TIP! Having an active construction site leads to an additional fee per month. If you have finished your construction site, we suggest that you archive the construction site to avoid being billed for more than necessary.