QR codes on construction sites

How to create QR codes to check in on construction sites in APEX.

This is a guide for developers and entrepreneurs in APEX.

QR codes allow you to easily navigate to specific web pages, and to do tasks without entering web addresses. This is very helpful if you want to quickly check in on a registered construction site in APEX.

QR on construction site

  1. Press the menu at the top left of APEX, and select "Construction sites".
  2. Select the construction site for which you want to create a QR code.
  3. Inside the construction site you will have some icons on the top right, where qrIkon  allows you to create a QR code.
    • You can print this code and hang it on a board/wall. Employees on the construction site will then be able to use a QR scanner, point it at the code, and go straight to being checked in on the construction site.
    • If they are already logged in to APEX, they will automatically be logged in when they go to the page, otherwise they must log in first.

TIP! There are several areas and pages in APEX that allow you to generate a QR code. The code you retrieve is used to quickly get to the page you want.

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