MOM Builder

The MOM builder is a feature in APEX which you can use to collect and categorize documents as needed.

This is a guide for developers, case managers and administrators in APEX who will work with files and MOM.

Here we will go through how to set up so that the files can be uploaded by specific subject areas, and become available to residential clients.

NOTE! But first you need to set up so that MOM is active on the project, which you can read more about here. You will not see the "MOM builder" in the menu until you have activated it. You can still manage MOM via "Files", without this having to be activated, which you can read more about here.

Here you find the MOM builder:

  • Log in to APEX, and click the menu on the top left.
  • Click the MOM builder.

Here you enter the MOM:

After you have created the disciplines that will enter MOM, and opened access via manage MOM, they will be able to enter their documents separately. This is also something you can do yourself, as a case manager or administrator on a project.

  • Click on an active discipline.
    • NOTE! You only get the MOM folder for the discipline in the MOM builder if you have been added as a collaborator to the discipline folder.
  • Here you will get a folder for each home in the project, as well as a "Common" folder..
    • The shared folder - allows you to enter files that will be available to all the units in the project.
    • Folder for each home - allows you to distribute the documents according to where they are needed.
  • Click on the desired folder to insert the files you want.
  • You can upload files in several ways:
    • Drag each individual file from your device directly onto the window and drop.
    • Drag a folder from your device directly onto the window and drop.
    • If there are no files uploaded, you can tap the empty area and the file explorer will let you select files (but not folders) to upload.
    • Tap the plus icon at the bottom right to select:
      • Upload a file, or several files.
      • Create a folder to upload files to.
  • Files can be up to 4 GB (gigabyte, 4000 MB, megabyte) in size.

The files you upload in the MOM builder are also placed in the company's file explorer under Files. Here you can also process MOM, and if you have activated disciplines on MOM, you will be able to distribute the documents to each subject area under "Files" in the file explorer of APEX.

The client will see the MOM for their home divided into folders by discipline, folders you have created yourself, or lying free in the shared folder.

Here there is also a user guide for contractors in disciplines who will upload MOM in APEX.

The residential client will find their MOM on the first page, in the same list as "My units", via a link that says "See MOM". There will then be a display of MOM per unit.
Read more about MOM for residential clients here.


  • The folders are set to sort themselves alphabetically and numerically. If you want a specific order for your files or folders, you can, for example, add a number in ascending order at the beginning of their names.
  • You can also share file access with MOM through Files as usual. Read more about file sharing here.
  • If a folder doesn't contain any files, it won't be visible to residential clients in the MOM view.
    • Therefore, if the "Common" folder should contain additional disciplines/files that the other units shouldn't have, the folder won't be displayed for the other units.
    • The "Common" folder will make the discipline visible to all units regardless, as the files are retrieved from the shared folder and the folder contains content.