Manage MOM

MOM Builder is a function in APEX that you can use to collect and categorize documents as needed.

This is a guide for developers, case managers and administrators in APEX who will work with files and MOM.

Here we will go through how to set up so that the files can be uploaded by specific disciplines, and be available to residential customers.
You can read more about the MOM Builder here

Here you will find where you can activate fields for MOM:

  • Navigate to your project.
  • Click the round icon in the bottom right corner, with the three dots.
  • In the menu that appears, you will find "Administer MOM", click on it.

How to start a setup for your MOM based on fields:

Here we assume that you have set up disciplines for your company, as this helps to shape how you can categorize MOM.
How to set up disciplines.
How to add a contractor to a discipline.

  • You will then get an overview of all available disciplines.
  • Here you click "Create", to activate the discipline that will enter the MOM for their fields.
  • After they are activated, click the icon of a person with a plus sign, to add a collaborator who will be responsible for entering MOM for the discipline.

A case is also created in connection with one being added as a partner at MOM.
The partner is added as a contractor on the case, labeled "MOM for field area".
In this way, the contractor can mark the case as complete, when they have finished uploading the MOM, for further follow-up.
Read more about follow-up by MOM here.

The field must have a collaborator so the person in question can enter files.
If you want to manage these via the MOM builder, you must add yourself as a collaborator. They then find their folder in "MOM Builder" in the menu.

Once that has been done, those who have been added will be able to upload MOM per unit through the MOM builder, or in a common folder for all the units in the project, through the specific discipline. Read more about this here.

Here contractor can read more about how to upload MOM after this is set up.

Here you can read about how residential customers relate to MOM on MinSide. 

MOM via "Files"

It is also worth mentioning that MOM can be processed via the Files menu in APEX. You navigate via "Files" in the menu, select the folder for your company, then "Projects" and the correct project. You will then come to a breakdown of "MOM" and "Apartments". You can do this without having activated MOM for the disciplines.

  • The "Common MOM" folder becomes a common folder where you can upload the MOM that applies to all homes.
  • The folder "Apartments" allows you to enter and enter MOM for each individual apartment.

Via "Files" you can create your own folders if desired, in addition to, or instead of, the discipline folders.

Tip: If you want to create your own folders, you are free to do so both inside and outside the "Fields" folders. If you create them within the "Fields" folders you have created, they will also appear in the MOM builder of the partner you have added.